Welcome to Healing Ceremonies Mexico! We are a married couple, Stanley and Irena. For over 11 years, we have been living in the city of Cancun, southeast Mexico, on the coast of the state of Quintana Roo. Using sacred plants, we went through a deep spiritual transformation. Our journeys and long-term knowledge led us to work with ayahuasca or “liana of the soul” and other medicines from Peru and Mexico.

With respect and humility before plants and nature, we decided to set up a safe space for retreats and ceremonies for all who want to stay in beautiful nature and experience deep healing with sacred plants. Our place is suitable for people from Western cultures who are looking for peace of mind and wish to take a break from civilization.

Our ceremonies are profoundly transformational. We will help you integrate experiences with ayahuasca and other medicines into your everyday life so that you get the most out of it.

Our retreats and ceremonies are focused on removing negative energies, negative patterns, diseases and addictions, gaining inner freedom, self-love, and new outlooks on life. It’s about a deeper connection with yourself.

Come with us for a deeper knowledge of yourself, come find inner calm and peace. With an open heart, we will be at hand to assist you on your journey to self-discovery.

To enjoy your visit in Cancun to the fullest, you can also look forward to trips to the beautiful nature of the Cenotes as well as the admirable beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

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May 2024
25 May 2024

Ayahuasca Ceremony


Mexico and its beauties

The unbridled beauty of nature together with our healing stays.

How we liked it

Look at the reviews of clients who spent a pleasant stay with us, far from civilization, only in harmony with nature and local natives.


Finding the right words to accurately express my appreciation and gratitude after participating in events organized by Healing – Ceremonies – Mexico is challenging. Like many, I arrived in search of answers and solutions to various issues I have been facing. Despite my naturally skeptical attitude, I feel that I was able to achieve and find what I was looking for.
I am extremely satisfied with the value and quality of the services I received. Stan and his team took exceptional care of me at every step, ensuring I had everything I needed and offering valuable advice. They thoroughly explained everything and answered all my questions. I particularly enjoyed the friendly and comfortable atmosphere they created, which allowed me to effectively address my preconceived notions and, most importantly, the fears I had prior to participating in the ceremonies. I feel confident stating that my initial fears were unfounded.
I have no doubt that I am leaving Mexico as a much happier, healthier, and overall better person than I was before this remarkable experience. Thank you once more! I look forward to returning as soon as possible to continue this truly empowering personal journey.


Eva Efm

Ayahuasca is an incredibly beautiful experience. You don’t know what you will experience, but in any case it will be beneficial and healing. I got rid of fear and sadness, settled deep in the body. We get rid of emotions deep in the body by vomiting. Vomiting is thus a healing component of Ayahuasca. I healed my sacral chakra and throat chakra, among other things. But she also experienced feelings of immense sadness and joy. The main thing is to trust Ayahuasca, not to resist experiences and to open your heart. In the most difficult moments, he remembers something nice, gratitude and love

Eva Efm

Pilly Arrona

Muy sanador, Gracias Gracias Gracia por Ello


Pilly Arrona
Cancun Mexico

Romana Dokoupilova

The experience with Ayahuasca changed my life. For about 15 years I have been reading books about personal development, ascension through the levels of consciousness, etc. however I have only seen slow changes in my life. That changed after a healing stay in Mexico with Irena and Standa, after which everything in my life began to change very quickly and intensively. Everything I had read over the years, I finally experienced and understood with my heart at the ceremony. The advantage of this stay was that Irena and Standa talked to us about our experiences and helped us understand our ayahuasca experience so that the experience moved us as much as possible. They really took care of us in every way, not just accommodation and healthy food

Ing. Romana Dokoupilová
Real estate Czech Republic

David Čech

Standa and Irena were simply wonderful guides throughout our 10-day stay in Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula. The program they put together for our 5-member group met our modest expectations. And it wasn’t just any stay. Rather, I would call it a healing procedure with a dose of mysticism, combined with vacation fashion in places that the average tourist just can’t get to. The stand with Irena will perfectly prepare you for meeting the magical Aya and dissolve your fears before the first meeting with this magical procedure! If you are attracted to Ahayu, call, definitely contact these two great beings, energetic Standa and gentle Irena, who will take care of your physical and mental preparation for the Ahayu ceremony in the middle of the Mexican jungle. Both of you will then be reborn into a new world, which you will discover in yourself thanks to this magical plant! With Irena and Standa, you will experience a touch of mystery, discover an unknown emotion and, above all, fully open your heart, which will then guide you through the rest of your life. Definitely worth it! David Cech certified Pychology Of Mind coach, specialist in nutrition and prevention Cancún, 02 2023

Michaela T . Cesko

I am very grateful that I could experience the ceremony with you, where I deepened my knowledge of myself and could understand the dark sides of my personality. I went through a healing process and caressing my soul. Ayahuasca -> A gift from God. Thank you. Michaela T. Czechia

Richard T.

I always thought I knew myself perfectly. That I don’t need to look inside myself. I’ve always told myself, that’s just the way I am. But ayahuasca showed me how to love myself and trust my instincts. I looked into my soul and felt gratitude and joy that my soul has a body that is alive. I saw how beautiful the universe is and what an incredibly beautiful infinity we live in. I went through forgiveness and realization. And I believe it was not my last ceremony. Thank you. Richard T.

43 Switzerland

Sacred plants

Here you can find information about sacred plants.

The Medicinal mixture is obtained from a toad called Bufo Alvarius, which lives in the Sonoran Desert in Mexico. A toxin is extracted from its glands, which contains the active substance 5 meo organic dmt, which is also present in various types of plants of European and Asian origin, such as Yopo
The name ayahuasca also refers to the liana itself, and sometimes the drink is prepared only from it, usually leaves of plants containing dimethyltryptamine (DMT) are added to it.
Sickness is part of your life experience, but there is a better way to live healthy, loving and spiritual, the solution is here KAMBO It is the most powerful medicine of the Amazon.
It is a sacred medicine that honors the ancestral relationship between our grandparents and sacred tobacco.