About Us

Stanley (45 let)

Facilitator (Spiritual Guide)

My journey of self-discovery began a few years ago when I left Europe for Mexico, where I had the opportunity to learn about the sacred plant Ayahuasca and other medicines. At the same time, I traveled to Peru, where I learned how to prepare the sacred drink. My deep connection with this plant led me to start helping people, and I could bring these sacred medicines to people who come from western cultures. It will be my great honor to guide you through Ceremonies  and help you with integration and deep transformation and healing.

Irena (42)

My journey with Ayahuasca began a few years ago when my husband first brought me to my first Ayahuasca ceremony. I went through a deep healing and self-discovery of myself, my soul, Ayahuasca showed me who I really am.

I understood my fears, emotions, negative patterns, both from my ancestors and from past lives, I understood my physical illnesses and began to gradually eliminate them. I am still on my journey and my healing is still ongoing.

I am studying Nivel 1 Lector kundalini yoga, at the school of the Sikh Center Mexico.

I like to help people open their hearts and work on themselves.


A helper of light, she comes from Mexico City, her spiritual journey began very early. She has many years of experience with sacred plants, She helps people in Ceremonies with heart and light.


The Facilitator, the astral guide, he is from Mexico city . His ancestors were shamans and he proudly carries their shamanic traditions. He has many years of experience in medicine.


He comes from Mexico, on his spiritual path he likes to help people, with his heart. He is very dedicated and empathetic 


He comes from Mexico. He has many years of experience, he is a very calm and peaceful person, he brings calm and peace to Ceremonies. His spirit accompanies you on your journey like an eagle