Sickness is part of life, but there are better ways to live in health and love. One such solution is kambô. It is the most powerful medicine of the Amazon. Its power has been well-known to ancient shamans (medicine men or spiritual guides) for over 1000 years. It contains all four elements and brings an impressive integration of all aspects of your being into one. The green kambô frog, Phyllomedusa bicolor, is a powerful tool to cleanse the human body and mind system on all levels.

Kambô – safe, effective, and legal body and mind cleansing

If you are thinking about the kambô medicine, the first, very important thing to do is to read this article as well as “The First Time on Kambô”, especially to familiarize yourself with the contraindications. If this is neglected, we cannot be held responsible for any issues, so always let us know your health status, should there be anything that falls into the area of contraindications.

Kambô is the secretion of one of the largest living frogs (Phyllomedusa bicolor), which inhabits northern Amazon. Indigenous tribes call it kambô, kampu, or sapo. Local tribes have used this medicine since ancient times. Unfortunately, of the original almost 50 tribes only a few have survived violent evangelization. These are the Matses, Katukina, Kaxinawa (Hunikuin), Yawanawa, Shawanawa, and other tribes.

Traditionally, kambô was mainly used as a medicine to treat a condition called panema, loosely translated as “unsuccessful hunter’s disease”. When a hunter was unsuccessful for a long time, negative emotions, loss of energy and self-confidence began to mount and apathy, laziness and aversion to life could appear. Today, we would call it “burnout”. Kambô can very effectively release the toxic energies and bring back success in life. Men traditionally also use kambô to gain sexual attraction and hunting skills, including intuitive abilities.

The Role of Kambô in Cleansing

Kambô is a legal cure but it must not be mistaken for medicine or used as a supplement to medical care. Kambô causes the body to release accumulated toxins, whether physical, mental, or emotional, in a very intensive way. Emotional blocks, negative mental patterns, or addictions are released as well. Thanks to this, the human immune system gets an opportunity to strengthen itself and the body is then able to deal with any disease on its own, especially if we support it with a healthy diet and enough exercise.

Nowadays kambô is used to strengthen the immune system, detox and energize the body, and gain a positive state of mind. Kambô contains a wide cocktail of peptides that play a very important role in bringing the body back into balance. One of the peptides (dermorphin) is as much as 40 times stronger than morphine and thus effectively helps with chronic pain management.


Have you seen online videos from the Amazon where people went through very difficult kambô-induced states? You will not experience anything like that with us. Bad experiences can be caused by fresh and very strong kambô (high impact points). Some kambô practitioners will offer kambô of 8-10 points to first-time users, which is very dangerous and, at best, the client has a very unpleasant experience. With us, you initially get 1-point kambô and, according to the progress, we usually go up to 3 points for the first time.

What is the process?

Kambô is always applied on an empty stomach, after at least 8 hours of fast.

You will drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water. As you do so, small burns are made to your skin. When they heal, they leave faintly visible scars that can be made to form interesting patterns and can also be reused. Unless they are made to the ears, there are no permanent scars. The burn almost doesn’t hurt. Over time, the burns are almost invisible.

First, we apply one-point kambô to the burns. In a short time, you will feel heat over your body, your heart throbbing, and a temporary swelling of your face (the swelling usually subsides within 30-120 minutes after the treatment, sometimes it can stay longer).

Kambô of more points is then applied until you cleanse by vomiting. After that, nausea disappears and feelings of relaxation, joy, peace, emptiness, and sometimes even euphoria arise. With repetition, the discomfort diminishes. After approximately 20-40 minutes the kambô effect passes and you can rest.